Quinyx WFM Mobile 2.31.30

Updated 9 months ago by Johannes Nordman

Punching on tasks

In this release we have implemented the possibility to punch on tasks in the our mobile apps. The punching flow for task-punching works in the following way: you choose the task/shift you want to punch in on next by clicking on the specifik task/shift in question. When you are done with a task and want to punch in on the next you simply punch in on the next task/shift instead of punching out, punch out means go home. There are some specific conditions available when punching on tasks:

  • There is a setting in the "Time" tab in agreements called "Allow punching on tasks" which rules if you can punch on tasks or not, this setting needs to be activated in order to be able to punch on tasks.
  • You will be able to punch in on any of the tasks that is planned during the day.
  • You will be able to punch in on one task several times during the day (you will only be able to punch again on a task that has been passed in time if the option explained below is turned on)
  • The setting "Allow punching on past tasks" in the mobile punch flow settings makes it possible to punch on a tasks that has already passed in time
  • It is possible to:
    • Be able to select cost center for punch connected to task
    • Be able to select project for punch connected to task
    • Be able to add comment on punch connected to tasks

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