Quinyx WFM Mobile 3.14

Updated by Johannes Nordman

Save your favorite filters as "My filters" in the schedule

In this release, we have implemented the possibility for users to save specific favorite filters in the mobile app's schedule view to "My filters" so that they can quickly select their favorite filter. To create a new favorite filter, click "Create and edit my filters", click the plus button in the top right corner and set up the options you want for that specific filter and then click save. Once you have saved your new filter, you can activate it by clicking on it under the category "Choose saved filter" in the filter view, and the schedule view will adjust to that filter's settings.

Minimum supported version of the Quinyx app

For security reasons, we will update our minimum supported version of the mobile app to version 3.8.2 or above As of February 9th 2022. If you have version of the app that is older than 3.8.2 you need to update your Quinyx app in Google Play or App Store.

Additional improvements

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

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