Time Trackers

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Time Trackers is a unique Quinyx term. It’s a feature for keeping track of hours and minutes or days. For example, you can use this to track vacation balances, time off in lieu or flextime. Employees can use Time Trackers to monitor their balances in both the Time card and the app.

Click here to learn more about practical examples of Time Trackers.

View Time Tracker balance

It’s possible to see Time Tracker balance and to update transactions manually in Neo. You can see Time Tracker balances when:

  1. You manage leave applications:
  1. You add or edit an absence:
  1. You view a Time card:

You can view Time Tracker balances on the right-hand side of the Time card:

If a threshold is defined on the Time Tracker, we inform about this per Time Tracker.

View all Time Trackers for a specified period 

In the Schedule view, click the three dots beside the employee’s name and click on Time card:

In Time Tracker transactions, adjust the period and click the

(refresh) button to see Time Tracker transactions. 

Add a Time Tracker transaction manually

Click on + to add a Time Tracker transaction yourself:

Add new Time Tracker information:

  • Time Tracker: Time off in lieu, Planned vacation, Vacation days, Bank holiday, Flex time, Sick leave, Active agreement. 
  • Date: You can add past, current, or future dates.
  • Count: Quantity.

Edit or delete a Time Tracker transaction


To edit an existing Time Tracker entry, click the edit icon:

Modify the information, as needed:


Deleting an entry is easy. Just click the trash can icon. Click yes to confirm the deletion. 

Time Tracker permission

You can control read, write, and no access permissions for Time Tracker transactions and balances for each one of your roles. You can find Time Tracker permission under Account Settings > Role Management > Edit Role, under the Schedule heading:

Read more about Time Tracker reports here and setting up Time Trackers in an agreement template here.

All Time Trackers are visible in Quinyx. The setting "Show on Time card" in Classic is not picked up by Neo.
Read more about using APIs related to Time Trackers here.

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