Version 0055


Employee KPIs

We are now releasing the first iteration of "Employee KPIs", which is a brand new feature that shows relevant data per employee and period. You reach the Employee KPIs by clicking on the ">" next to the employee in the schedule view.

For selected period (period selected in the schedule view) and schedule period (set up on the agreement), you can see the following data per employee and period:

  1. Schedule hours / nominal hours
  2. Worked hours / nominal hours
  3. Forecasted worked hours* / nominal hours, i.e.

*Forecasted worked hours = based on punched hours up until today plus scheduled hours until end of selected period.

Additional information:
  • The dates above the KPIs indicate the data that are calculated, i.e. either for selected period or for schedule period.
  • If you make changes to the schedule while the Employee Kpis are open, click on the refresh icon to fetch the latest data.
  • As of now, we only calculate towards the main agreement

Punch missing filtering

If you filter on Punch and Warnings, you will now be able to see "punch missing" in the filter

Clicking on punch missing to create new punch for shift

If a shift is missing a punch, it's now possible to click on "punch missing" and create a real punch straightaway. The punch will automatically get the same start and end time as the shift. If you want to make more changes to the punch, just click on it after it has been created.

New statistic graph

New look of the graph in the statistics. Super pretty.

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