Version 356

New features

Possibility to punch on task relations

When using tasks on shifts there is possibility to "split" the punch automatically according to shift/task/break relations. To be able to achieve this three criterias on agreement/agreement template needs to be fulfilled:

  • Employee uses punch method Punch in/out but no breaks (Time Agreement templates → Chosen template → Time)
  • "Allow punching on tasks" is checked on agreement/agreement template (Time Agreement templates → Chosen template → Time)
  • "Split punch on tasks" is set on agreement/agreement template (This is defined in Time Agreement templates → Chosen template → Mobile punch flow)

Example :

  • Scheduled shift Cashier : 09:00-18:15
  • Scheduled break : 13:00-14:00
  • Scheduled task Sales : 10:00-12:00
  • Scheduled task Sales : 14:00-16:00
  • Employee punches IN 08:10 and OUT 18:30

Punches are then split on task relations on the shift in the example above they are split into 5 punches and the punches inherits cost center, project from the shift they are connected to.

This functionality is currently only available when punching in the mobile applications, adding a punch manually in Classic, adding a manual punch out in Classic. Not supported in Webpunch, API or Neo.

"Rate Quinyx" dialog

In this release, we will reactivate the "rate Quinyx" dialog in the admin portal, allowing users to rate Quinyx between 1-5 stars. Some users will then be invited to submit a more in-depth review on either Capterra or G2Crowd. If the user submits a rating or closes the dialog using the cross in the top-right, it will not show up again for another 6 months.

API / Web Service updates

wsdlGetNeoGroups: Get Neo groups set on the customer

wsdlGetNeoRoles: Get Neo roles through API

wsdlUpdateEmployee: Possibility to update employees group(s) and role(s) in Neo

wsdlUpdateAbsence: Possibility to add boolean optional flag <useDefaultAbsenceSchedule> in request. When sent and set to true it will use the default absence schedule on the chosen leave reason (as set in leaveExtCode or leaveId)

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Performance improvements to API / Web Service architecture

Bug fixes

  • Standard UT does not give outcome after break on bank holiday in some cases
  • Correction to double absences when rolling out an absence in a fixed schedule with an absence schedule
  • Error message when creating agreements in Scrive
  • Time log now shows integration user when punch added through wsdlPunch

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