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Release date February 16th 2022

Updates and performance improvements

New permissions

We've added new permissions for Access rights > Integration credentials and Access rights > Integration API-keys. Now, it's possible to define whether an account manager should have access to manage the integrations credentials for both REST API or SOAP API.

The default setting for this will be "No access" for all, so in order to change this, the permission needs to be defined for all those that should have access.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue in Schedule that incorrectly displayed certain employees as belonging to sections on which they had no direct role when using the People > Section filter field.
  • Resolved a filtering issue that caused statistics not to adjust to changes in the schedule view if using a saved filter created before Filters 2.0 (version 0120). 
  • Resolved an issue that caused users to have to refresh their browser for the start time option in the Display options > Employee sorting to work as expected when a filter had been applied. 
  • Resolved an issue that generated an incorrect absence warning if a leave request ended at the same time a punch started.
  • Resolved an issue that incorrectly prevented the creation of a special Norwegian absence type (Egenmelding).
  • Resolved an issue related to visibility of agreement on Time card.
  • Resolved several reported instances regarding punches being connected to the wrong agreement in the schedule view.
  • Resolved several reported instances of incorrect information about scheduled hours (including unassigned shifts) in the Time card.
  • Resolved an issue where tasks that didn’t match the selections in the task type, task section, and/or the task status fields displayed with overlay instead of not displaying at all.

New HelpDocs articles

REST API/Web services updates

None at this time.

SOAP API / Webservice updates

More secure API keys

When an API key is created it will now be more secure than before. The new format will be longer and contain more characters.

No API keys will be forced updated with the release, this is for new or future regenerated keys.

Endpoints being deprecated and removed

No endpoints currently deprecated and planned for removal.

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. You can find even more web services info here.
We encourage all our customers to make use of our APIs to maintain data and make sure that information is up to date. To ensure scalability of our APIs while growing our customer and user base, we have decided to add restrictions on usage of our SOAP APIs. These restrictions will be enforced programmatically and means that we will enforce a limit on concurrent calls per customer to 10. You should expect response code 429 if you happen to exceed this limit and you are recommended to implement a backoff retry mechanism to handle the limit. Note that the limit applies to SOAP only. When moving from SOAP to Rest over the following years, any limits will be built into the API. Please make sure to forward this information to the party within your company responsible for integrations.

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