Frontline Portal - Create a folder

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

From the Files landing page you can see all existing files and folders.

  1. Navigate to the area of your Files where you'd like to add a new folder
  2. Click on the + icon in the top-left corner.

  1. Choose Folder.

  1. Give your new folder a name (you can Rename your folder later).

If you choose to make the file/folder private, it's with people, not with stores.

When creating your folder, you can also add a cover image, give it a description, assign it to a category, and add any tags you want to associate with it.

The folder will be added to the Files dashboard or your chosen folder and be available to all users who have access to the folder it sits beneath. For more information on who can see files and folders see File Permissions.

You can add a folder even if you're not in another folder in your Frontline Portal Drive. These folders will be added to the top-level of your Frontline Portal Drive and can be organized later.

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