Schedule items and agreement validity changes

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

When agreements are changed, Quinyx will perform the below actions:



Deleted agreements

  • Quinyx will identify shifts and/or punches that were related to the agreements in question and apply the agreement selection logic to apply another valid agreement for them.

New agreements

  • Quinyx will check if there are any shifts and/or punches without agreement that can be related to the new agreement

Agreements with a shortened validity period

  • Quinyx checks whether there are any shifts and/or punches related to that agreement that is no longer inside its validity period. If there are, then Quinyx will apply its agreement selection logic (see here) to select a valid agreement and relate the shifts and/or punches to that agreement. If the validity period is rather extended in any way, Quinyx will check whether there are any shifts or punches without agreement that can be related to the changed agreement.

Agreements changed on a shift

  • The selected agreement will also be inherited to the connected punch.

For performance reasons, Quinyx will determine the most suitable time to execute this, but the actions will always occur within 120 minutes after the change being saved.
These actions also take place for payroll items that have been transferred to payroll, which has as the only consequence that when you reverse a payroll item, it will connect to a valid agreement and not to the one used when transferring to payroll which has since then been set to invalid for the date in question. Note this doesn’t affect items already transferred, as long as no reversing of payroll is carried out.

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