Version 0138

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Release date July 13, 2022

Training material

We’ve created new training videos that are available in HelpDocs. The videos cover:

  • Configuration & Settings
  • Schedule & Time Management
Click here to view Quinyx WFM training videos.

New functionality

None at this time.

Updates and performance improvements

  • Until this release, there was a limit of displaying only absences created in less than a year from the date you’re selecting in the Time card. This has now been addressed so that all absences in Quinyx displays in the Time card.
  • When you create an absence using an absence schedule on a section and said absence schedule makes use of shift types where the shift section value is null, the absence will as of this release automatically add the shift section value to its absence shifts. This is consistent with what happens when you add a shift of a shift type with no section value on section level.
  • We are releasing REST API access for Schedule availability. This will allow getting and creating Schedule availability through API. You can access documentation for POST data here and GET data here.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue that caused the cancel button to not display in filter settings.
  • Resolved an issue that produced an Invalid time warning when applying break rule calculation in a base schedule.
  • Resolved an issue that produced a Something went wrong with statistics, please try again error message when if the date range was greater than 14 days in the schedule statistics view.
  • Resolved an issue with adding manual punches that caused the overtime type to not consider the settings in the agreement template.
  • Resolved an issue that made it so that you couldn't uncheck manually approved salary types.

New HelpDocs articles

SOAP API / Webservice updates

New validations for wsdlUpdateEmployees

When creating or updating an employee through the SOAP API, validation is added for non supported characters in the following places : givenName, familyName, staffCat, address1, address2, zip, city, country, locale, loginId, cardNo, info, legalGuardianName.

If you try to update one or more of these settings including characters   [(\|\]\/~+@!%^&*={};:?><')] you will receive a validation error.

For the phoneNo, cellPhone, nextPhone only possible characters are space numbers 0-9, dot ., plus +, dashes - and /

Endpoints being deprecated and removed

No endpoints are currently deprecated and planned for removal.

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. You can find even more web services info here.
We encourage all of our customers to make use of our APIs to maintain data and to make sure that information is up-to-date. To ensure the scalability of our APIs while growing our customer and user base, we've decided to add restrictions on the usage of our SOAP APIs. These restrictions will be enforced programmatically, which means that we will enforce a limit on concurrent calls per customer to 10. You should expect response code 429 if you happen to exceed this limit, and you are recommended to implement a backoff retry mechanism to handle the limit. Note that the limit applies to SOAP only. When moving from SOAP to Rest over the coming years, any limits will be built into the API. 

Please make sure to forward this information to the party within your company responsible for integrations.

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