Version 369

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Important Notice

Starting from the next release of Quinyx (370), with a planned release date of March 11th 2020, we will have new improved logic in regards to bank holiday rule time off.

Currently, the logic for this rule is to place the generated salarytype(s) from the rule on a day closest to that day within the schedule period.

We will, with the new functionality, place the outcome on the actual day the rule exists on. This will be done by introducing a “virtual shift”. This shift is not visible as a scheduled shift by the employee and also does not:

  • count as scheduled hours
  • count as worked hours
  • count as a shift

With this functionality, the estimated salarycost will be even more accurate for individual days surrounding the bank holidays containing a rule for time off. It will also make it very visible where the outcome from a rule is generated.

You can read more about Bank holiday and rules on bank holidays here.

New functionality

Nothing at this time.

Updates and performance

  • We added South America and Canadian time zones. Read more about unit settings and where to define time zones here.
  • When creating the report analyze planned hours for more than one unit, each sheet name is the name of the unit. Since maximum allowed length in Excel is 31 characters, we now truncate unit names longer than 31 characters. Such units have their sheet title ending with '...'

You can read more about reports in Classic here.

API / Web Service updates

wsdlUpdateEmployees: added possibility to not set a badge .number in the request, but instead use the logic for assigning a badgenumber automatically

wsdlGetShiftCategories: an option to add includeSkills as a boolean will make the response list all skills connected to the shift type as an array

wsdlUpdateUnit : possibility to define standard opening hours and deviating opening hours for units through the API. This will be used for future development in Neo such as Neo Forecast algorithms and future developments

wsdlGetUnits : possibility to retrieve standard opening hours and deviating opening hours for units through the API.

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. You can find even more web services info here.

Bug fixes

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