Version 1.75

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Release date October 18, 2022

Platform update

New functionality

Enhanced drag-and-drop

We've enhanced the drag-and-drop redesign! 

  • There's now a shadow drop upon hovering over a folder, as displayed in the right-hand image below.

  • We have a new radio button design for the selection of items.
  • Now, when a selected item is dragged, it disappears from its original position, changes to the Item selection icon, and has a dashed outside border on its original position.
  • When you hover over the destination folder, the destination folder's opacity changes, and a dashed border appears.
  • When items are dropped at a destination folder, the item selection icon minimizes into the destination folder.
  • When there's an error, an error message appears, and the selected items snap back to their original position.
  • Items snap back to their original positions.
Card design enhancements

We've made the following design enhancements!

  • We've updated the card type icons to denote whether you're looking at a Task, Form, Story, etc.
  • We've updated the attribute icons (including Recurring, Shared By, Shared To, and Private icons).
  • You can now see engagement icons (for instance, you can see likes and comments icons).
  • We've improved the visibility of priority icons by displaying them in red.

Bug fixes and service requests

  • Resolved an issue that caused accidental drag-and-drop of files when scrolling in the mobile app. 
  • Resolved an issue that caused errors in downloading files from tasks.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented cards with a Send out and Due date to be visible in the Sort by… views. 
  • Resolved an issue that caused errors in the displayed number of total assignee counts on task cards. 
  • Other internal bug fixes.

In the next release

In the upcoming November 2, 2022 release:

  • View only user fixes
  • Introducing scoring of questions (within tasks and forms)


We're currently running discovery for the following:

  • Distribution

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