Version 333

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Quinyx WFM v333 has now been released. Version 333 includes a number of new functions and bug fixes.

Over the past year, Quinyx WFM updates have been released during the daytime, without downtime. This was the first step in offering ongoing updates in future. We will now take the next step and release updates once a fortnight as of this month.

How will fortnightly updates affect me?

The simple answer is that they will not affect you at all, except for the fact that you will now have new functionality once a fortnight instead of once a month. The release cycle may be adapted around the time of major public holidays (e.g. Easter, summer holiday, Christmas).

New functions

  • Warning for "Save for time off in lieu" in Time view
  • Option of deleting an underlying shift during leave
  • Support for Portuguese

Warning for "Save for time off in lieu" in Time view

We have added the option of using a warning frame in Time → Time for clocking operations where a manager or employee has selected "Save for time off in lieu". This is enabled under Time → Parameters.

The warning frames are displayed in the order in which they are listed under Time → Parameters. This means that if a warning for "Employee approval not available" has been triggered, this will be displayed before the "Save for time off in lieu" warning, even if the save for time off in lieu option has been generated for the same shift.

Option of deleting an underlying shift during leave

The option of adjusting underlying shifts in the leave dialog was added in release 332 (see release notes for v332). In this release, we have added the option of deleting underlying shifts for specific days when using this function.

If (2) in the example above is set to 00:00, the underlying shift for that day will be deleted.

This functionality is disabled by default and must be enabled under Settings → Rights → Time → Leave → Permit shift hour changing.

Bug fixes

  • Error when scrolling and filtering just warnings in Time → Time has been remedied
  • The user is no longer logged out when filtering on an employee's section in Schedule → Scheduled staff.

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