Agreement templates FAQ

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Each person whose work is going to be scheduled in Quinyx must be covered by an agreement. The agreement can be viewed as a framework defining what rules regarding working hours are applicable to the individual, for example, whether the employee is paid on a monthly or an hourly basis, the employee's working time quota, calculation period, employment level, etc.

Q: How do I create an agreement template in Quinyx?

A: Navigate to Account Settings and Templates. You can create a new agreement template by either selecting Add, or by copying one that is already configured.

Q: What does it look like in Quinyx when an employee has more than one agreement?

A: You may choose to also display expired agreements using the Display menu on the right-hand side.

Q: When the setting Overtime/Additional time bank on an agreement template is changed, can this affect existing punches?

A: No, changing the setting on the agreement template should not impact existing punches.

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