Mobile - Why am I unable to log in?

Updated by Johannes Nordman

If you're having problems logging in to the mobile app, it might be because:

You've forgotten your password

If you get the error message "Incorrect email and/or password", you may be entering the wrong password.

Solution: You can reset your password by following the steps here. If you don't see the reset password email in your inbox, please check the spam folder.

Your account is locked

If you get the error message "Incorrect email and/or password", your account might be locked. This may have happened for a number of reasons, but most often, it's because you've entered the wrong password too many times.

Solution: Contact your manager. Your manager has admin access and can unlock your account.

There's an issue with the Single Sign-On account provided by your employer

If you're trying to log in through your employer's Single Sign-On portal but you're getting an error message, there may be an issue with your organization's Single Sign-On configuration or your Sign Sign-On user account.

Solution: You need to turn to your manager or internal IT department for help as the login process and credentials are managed by the organization you work for.

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