Frontline Portal - File permissions

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

You can easily access files by clicking Files in the toolbar.

Which Files do I have access to?

  • Any files uploaded by me.
  • Any files uploaded by someone else in my group or store.
  • Any files uploaded by someone in a group or store beneath me in the organizational hierarchy.
  • Any files in folders that have been shared with me.
  • A HQ user will have access to ALL files. This will include those files uploaded by users at HQ, field leadership teams, and all store teams.
  • A district manager will have access to files uploaded by themselves and their stores. If the HQ team has shared folders with the district manager or their stores then the district manager will also have visibility of these folders and files.
  • A store user will have access only to files uploaded by users within their store or to files in folders that have been shared with them by HQ and field leadership teams.

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