Version 372

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

New functionality

A new API is introduced in Quinyx - User API

We have opened up parts of our User API for our external partners and customers to be able to integrate with. The user API will continue to evolve and the base of the actions done by the employees in the mobile application.

With the release of version 372, we allow for the following data to be available:

  • Shift data
    • Employees upcoming 20 shifts (nothing beyond published date)
    • Unassigned 20 upcoming shifts (nothing beyond published date)
      Info returned:
      • Employee name
      • Date and from and to time
      • Unit name and Shift type name
      • Break(s) from and to time
  • Leave applications
    • All historic leave applications
    • All upcoming leave applications
      Info returned:
      • Leave reason name
      • Employee name
      • From date & time - to date and time

The user API will be exposed on following URLs: and each reflecting RC and production environment.

Swagger documentation is available and can be accessed at and

Click here for the User-API swagger documentation You can find the full description in the manual here.

Updates and performance improvements

  • General performance updates in regards of time punch logs

Bug fixes

  • Correction to static forecast rules not saved correctly
  • Correction to Timetracker check not done when show on timecard was unchecked on TimeTracker setup
  • Correction to salarytype generation in day 2-14 in regards to Swedish "karensavdrag" for 0% employees
  • Correction to "dutch" deduction order not taking part time employment level into consideration

API / Web Service updates

wsdlUpdateTimeTrackers : New optional input in request replaceTimeTracker (boolean) that will replace the time tracker transaction with the same trackerId and date with the new value

wsdlUpdateShiftTypes : The request now allows for use of externalId when updating a shifttype

wsdlGetShiftCategories : The response now contains the externalId

wsdlGetTimepunches : The response now contains the scheduleId of the "task" the punch is connected to

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. You can find even more web services info here.

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