Shift assignment on away unit requires approval

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The “Shift assignment on away unit requires approval” unit setting determines whether or not the home unit manager(s) of an employee will need to approve any attempt to assign that employee to a shift carried out on units other than said employee’s home unit. This article describes the very workflow that applies when the setting in question is ticked. The setting itself is currently configured in Account settings > Group management [selected unit] > Advanced unit settings > Functionality > Shift assignment on away unit requires approval.

Requesting manager

The requesting manager will receive this warning when trying to schedule the employee: 

If you select “Yes”, a message will appear in the “Edit shift” form of that shift so that the shift isn’t accidentally assigned to someone else. The message contains information about which employee is concerned by the request as well as about which unit is to approve the request.

A similar message will be displayed if the shift is viewed from the requesting manager’s Notifications panel.

The shift pending assignment approval will have the status unassigned until it is approved by the approving manager, regardless of whether it was unassigned, or had another assignee prior to the request being sent. If the request is approved, the shift will automatically display as assigned to the employee in the Schedule.

If the assignment request is denied by the approving manager, the shift will remain unassigned.

If you, as a requesting manager, want to cancel an ongoing request, you can either delete the shift or reassign it to another employee. If you edit the shift that holds the assignment request, this will be reflected in the request handled by the approving manager. Note that copying a shift holding an assignment request will result in another unassigned shift but the shift assignment request will not be copied.

For shift assignments by requesting managers for past shifts, the employee is simply assigned without a request going out to the assigning manager. The reason is that these uncommon cases are cases where the employee has already worked the shift, in which case (s)he's entitled to compensation for it and the approval by his/her home-unit manager therefore becomes irrelevant.

Approving manager

All users with a manager role and write access on the Schedule permission on the employee’s home unit are able to approve the shift assignment request. The approving manager won't receive a Qmail concerning this request. However, just like with other shift booking requests, the shift assignment request will appear and be managed in the Notifications panel and, more specifically, in the Shifts to approve section:

The request contains the following information:

  • Shift type
  • Shift unit
  • Shift date
  • Shift start and end time
  • Full name of requesting manager
  • Full name of employee requested

You, as an approving manager, may choose to approve or deny the request. If you approve the request, the employee will receive a Qmail informing him/her of the shift assignment. The Qmail received by the employee will contain information about the shift the employee has been assigned but will not contain the shift unit name. The requesting manager won’t receive a Qmail as a result of you approving or denying the request.

If a manager in Quinyx has a manager role on both the requesting unit and on the approving unit, the user in question will be able to approve his/her own request by navigating from the requesting unit to the Notifications panel of the approving unit.

In the Dashboard’s Upcoming events widget, we display all shift bookings and shift swaps.

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