Version 353

New features

New rule for calculation of optimal staffing

It is now possible to add static rules to your forecast. This to be able to define a staffing demand even if there are no forecast variables available as drivers.

Example: I want to increase the staffing demand as 1 manager everyday between 6-9 and 20-21 and have an extra cashier 17-20 Thursdays and Fridays. This will work together with the rules fore creation of shifts and also for the auto schedule functionality on unit level.

This setup is done from Forecast → Static forecast rules → Add new (or edit)

This functionality ONLY supports unit settings as of now, so you cannot add a static rule to a section

Added new logic for leave reasons vs buffer days

It is now possible to define that certain leave reasons should affect the calculation of buffer days. This could be when a leave reason such as vacation interrupting a long term sickness should not reset the "day counter" for sickness if the initial buffer days are exceeded

This setup is don on the actual leave reason from Settings → Tables → Leave types and ticking the checkbox for Leave reason affects buffer for days

Added mobile punching configuration

We have a new tab in our agreements called “Mobile punch flow”. This page is where you configure the punching flow through our native mobile apps. Default settings in the “Mobile punch flow” is off by default so that the punching flow from the mobile apps stays the same unless actively changed. Important to note is that Webpunch will still follow the old settings and access rights as before, i.e. the new mobile punching flow tab does not affect webpunch.

We are adding new functionality to the mobile applications continuously throughout the year and all options are not available yet. More information about mobile releases can be found here

API / Web Service updates

wsdlUpdateEmployees : added the following parameters myDistrict and rank

wsdlGetEmployees : added the following output : rank

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Adjustment to schedule period report : If sum of employee hours are less than the compared nominal hours it will show as a negative value
  • When having hierarchical approval and setting that manager cannot approve employee, this now affects that manager cannot change or update manual salary types
  • Logs are updated when salary types on agreement templates and or are ticked or unticked. The log is placed under SettingsLogs→ Agreement Templates
  • Comments on punches now supports up to 255 characters
  • Polish now available in WebPunch
  • Portuguese now available in WebPunch

Bug fixes

  • Fix fo bank holidays with rule time off in some cases gave outcome after employee end date
  • Correction to payroll report Reports & StatisticsReportsPayroll report showing dates instead of start time for absences
  • Correction to schedule staff where drag and drop did not validate valid agreement
  • Fix to the issue about not possible to reassign shifts from an absence in some cases
  • Fix to validation of time rule made against wrong agreement in some cases with parallell
  • Fix to local manager having possibility to create news in other units

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