Version 0094

Updated by Maria Lindberg

Release date November 4, 2020

Don't forget that mobile access rights is available in Neo now. Read more about how to get it up and running for your organization here!

New functionality

Agreement templates

In order to make it easier to navigate in agreement templates, we've added shortcuts for each section in a template. The shortcuts will always be visible at the top of all agreement templates, and clicking on one of them will take you to that section in the template:

Language support

Neo is now available in Italian!

Schedule & Base schedule

Pause notifications

As of this release, we now supporting pausing notifications going out to employees on schedule changes. Please read this article for more information

Note that notifications for changes in absences are not supported yet.
Section-level scheduling

Up until version 0094, when you had selected a section in the group selector and created a shift, the same shift section inheritance would be applied as when a unit is selected in the group selector; we would look to the section defined on the assignee’s staff card and, if blank, to the section defined on the shift type. If the latter was blank, the section selected in the group selector would be applied. This caused significant issues for section managers who accidentally created shifts on sections they didn't have access to.

Therefore, we have now made the following changes on section level only:

  1. Quinyx always applies the section of the current section to a shift at shift creation. This also holds true if you reassign a shift to an employee that has a section other than the current one set on his/her staff card.
  2. The section drop-down menu in the shift panel has been removed.

Should you want to edit section on a shift, then you need to navigate to unit level to do so.

We know section employees are sometimes requested to perform tasks on other sections, and their (section) manager then needs to be able to schedule them on a task there. We therefore haven’t made any changes to tasks on section-level meaning: 

  1. Section is still displayed and can take place on another section
  2. Section-inheritance on to the task is still in the following order: 
    1. From the task's shift type
    2. From the parent shift’s shift type
We're aware it's not easy to keep track of what the expected behavior is depending on what action you're taking. We therefore aim to soon create a manual article detailing what inheritance logic applies when you create and edit different schedule items (shift, task, punch, absence) on differing levels (district, unit, section).
Allow attest on own punches

As of this release we are looking at setting People > People details > Advanced details > Allow attest of own punches to determine whether the user should be able to attest his/her own punches.

Cost center code

We have added cost center code to drop downs where the user can select a cost center (shifts, punches, shifts in base schedule and cost center in the time card).

Change of absence reason

It’s now possible to change the absence reason in an absence where you have an absence schedule.

Note that it’s not possible to change the absence schedule in an absence (in that case you need to create a new absence). 


It's now possible to access the time card from Time by clicking on a payroll item in the employee view or in the unit view.

Access control to Time is controlled by the permission Transfer to payroll, where the user need at least read to be able to see data in the time tab and reach the time card through Time. The access control for data in the time card is controlled by the permissions under Scheduling.

To extract the payroll file, the user still need write access on Transfer to payroll permission.

Please read more about permissions and feature groups here.

Note that for now it's only possible to see the time card for employees that has actually worked in the unit/section that the user has selected in the group selector. In a soon to be release, it will be possible to see the time card for all units/sections where the user has at least read permission on Transfer to payroll. 

Staff portal


It's now possible to attest your times in the staff portal. You can attest on a daily basis or bulk attest a schedule period.

Filter in schedule

As of version 0094, it's possible to filter in the Schedule view. You can filter by:

  • My shifts (turned on by default)
  • Unassigned shifts (turned on by default)
  • Colleagues shifts (turned off by default)
  • Swappable shifts (turned on by default)
  • Shift bookings (turned on by default)
  • Unit
  • Section
  • Shift type
The Staff portal follows the mobile access rights.


Forecast Overview

We've released a new tab called Forecast. This page represents the foundation for viewing and editing data related to standard variables, calculated variables, and input data.

Read more about Forecast Overview here.

You'll need to set permissions for the roles you want to access the Forecast Tab.

Updates and performance improvements

  • We've added a language drop down in Advanced settings on units in Group management.

Bug fixes

  • 500 error no longer produced when rolling out a base schedule at section level that contains a shift type that has a different section defined.
  • Resolved a forecast algorithm issue that wasn't producing data between specific dates and returning the error message “No forecast can be performed”.
  • Resolved an issue in Update shifts where not all shift types were available for selection.

API / Web service updates

Please see Classic version 387 release notes for more information about API and Web services updates.

New HelpDocs articles

We're constantly adding new documentation to our user manual, so from this point forward, we'll be listing the new articles we've created since the last release. We'll add this list to English release notes only, since the translation time for new English articles to Swedish, German, and Dutch varies. Enjoy!

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