Version 337

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Quinyx WFM v337 has now been released. Version 337 contains a number of new features and bug fixes.

New features

  • New option for accrual multiplication in Time Trackers
  • Possibility to subscribe to Quinyx calendar

API / Web Service updates

  • wsdlGetOptimalStaffing includes new response
  • wsdlUpdateEmployee new input parameter

Webpunch 1 will be discontinued with this release of Quinyx WFM on 2018-05-07. If you have any questions about this please contact Quinyx customer support.

New option for accrual multiplication in Time Trackers

We have added a new option to allow an accrual factor to be multiplied by the average nominal hours for the employee. Average nominal hours is calculated from the employee’s full-time work hours divided by working days per week.

In the example above the employee’s average nominal hours will be 8. These 8 hours will be calculated for all days that the accrual factor is valid on regardless of whether it’s a bank holiday or a weekend.

You can configure this setting under Time → Agreement Templates→ Chosen template→ Time Trackers → Edit Time Tracker association.

In the example above the accrual factor would deduct 8 from all events of the chosen accrual driver.

Possibility to subscribe to Quinyx calendar

We have added the possibility for employees to subscribe to their schedule in Quinyx through a webcal link. This is available through both → Staff portal and through mobile applications for Android and iOS.

This feature will be turned on for all customers together with the release of 337. You can easily turn it off under Settings → Global → Functionality → Web Calendar.

This feature is configured for the employee in Staff Portal → MyPage →  Web Calendar with the following options:

  • Enabled - If not enabled the link will not work and will not update
  • Name - Your name for the calendar to be shown on the “other” calendar
  • URL - This is the link to the calendar which you add in the client calendar application. You have the possibility to create a new link and to copy to clipboard.
  • Scheduled shifts - Indicate if scheduled shifts should be synced
  • Absence - Indicate if that absence shifts should be synced
  • Open shifts - Indicate if unmanned shifts should be synced
  • Filter by notice of interest - Determines if unassigned shifts should only be shown if they match my Notices of Interest

The web calendar will be updated according to the employee’s calendar application of choice. This means that Quinyx does not push information to the external calendar, instead the calendar pulls the information from Quinyx at certain intervals.

API / Web Service updates

  • wsdlGetOptimalStaffing
    • variableTypeId added as an integer to the response. Full documentation of wsdlGetOptimalStaffing can be found here.
  • wsdlUpdateEmployee
    • keepshiftsOnMove added as an input option
      • The employee must have been set as shareable if “true” option shall be used, if not, old behavior will be used. If the employee is not shared, existing logic will be applied.
        • If “true”, shifts and fixed schedules will remain untouched in old unit, employee is shared to the old unit.
        • If “false” (current/default behavior), shifts on old unit are unassigned and fixed schedule shifts are moved to new unit.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wsdlUpdateEmployees where dateOfBirth was reset when updating other fields
  • wsdlGetSchedulesV2 , new parameter useFixedSchedule now works without providing a badge number in request

Mobile apps


In the new version 2.20 we have implemented MyPage in our mobile apps, making it possible for the employees to see and change their personal information in Quinyx. MyPage in mobile will follow the access rights set in for current users, but it will be possible to set specific access rights for MyPage in the mobile apps if needed.


Support for generating a Webcal link from mobile apps is now also available in production along with MyPage. The functionality will be turned on by default but can be turned off in the global settings, Settings → Global → Functionality → Web Calendar. The webcal link allows employees to synchronize their scheduled shifts, absences and unassigned shifts with their phone’s calendar. Integrating the webcal link is done in the following way:

  • iPhone: Click on the URL. A pop up will be displayed - choose Subscribe in the new window.  
  • Android: Use the WebCal app to sync the URL link with your calendar or follow the steps described in the “Google Calendar” link.

Neo Schedule (beta)

New features

Managing absence in partially locked period or absence partially transferred to payroll

As of this release managers can make changes to an absence that is in a partially locked period or when part of the absence has been transferred to payroll. Changes can only be made on the part of the absence that is outside the locked period and that is not transferred to payroll.

The employee is on parental leave between March 1st to May 31st. The employee wants to work a weekend in April. March has been locked (locking a period is performed in the Classic interface). The manager can then add shifts on that weekend in April without having to change the absence or unlock a previous period.

Date picker

We have improved the date picker in this release. Select a period in the schedule view by going to Time period → Custom. Then select a from and to date in the same date selector (previously it was done in two date pickers).

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