How to assign shifts to another employee in a rolled out schedule if an employee leaves the company

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There may be times when an employee leaves a company and a shift needs to be reassigned to a different employee but the schedule has already been rolled out. You can choose to resolve this one of two ways.

Option 1

You must perform the following actions before you delete the employee.
  1. Navigate to Schedule view, and select as long a period as possible (maximum 60 days).
  2. Click on the employee name/picture of the person who is leaving the company.
  3. Select Move shift.
  4. Select the employee to whom the shifts are to be moved.
You can do this for more periods if needed, i.e. if there is a schedule for more than 60 days this needs to be done for each 60-day period in the future as long as there is schedule rolled out.
  1. Terminate the employment of the person who is leaving the company.
  2. Navigate to the Base schedule and move the shifts from the one that ends to the one that has started so that these are included in the next rollout.

Option 2

  1. Navigate to Schedule view.
  2. Delete the shifts for the employee who is leaving the company (you can do this via the same panel where you move the shifts).
  3. Navigate to the Base schedule.
  4. Move the shifts in the Base schedule from the employee who is leaving to the employee who will be taking the shifts.
  5. Roll out the Base schedule for only the new person for the period.

No action

If you end employment for an employee who has a shift, those shifts will automatically be vacated after an end date if you don't perform the steps in either Option 1 or Option 2.

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