Optimal headcount in statistics

Updated 7 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

In order to see optimal headcount in Quinyx, you first need to have the following items configured:

In Statistics, it's then possible to see information about input data and the different outcomes and configurations. Depending on what input data is set up, you may or may not want to display the different data in the schedule view.

There are two options to view the data on a table view that will give you an hourly level of granularity and a graph view down to 5 minutes, depending on configuration and uploaded data sets.

To display and select optimal staffing / headcount items to be shown in relation to forecast, do the following

  • Go to Schedule.
  • Choose to display statistics.
  • Choose the input data you are interested in, and you will be presented with three options:
    • Automated forecast: This is the automatically calculated prediction from the selected Forecast configuration.
    • Actual data: This is the actual data sent in for the period you are viewing.
    • UploadedForecastData: This is the forecast that has been uploaded to be used as a guide/budget.

In the example below, I only want to display the configuration "Automated forecast" for the input data "Sales".

I would then only check Sales and Automated forecast (in this case the automated configured forecast for the input data "Sales").

You can then view this in the table view and in the graph view.

You can also select Optimal headcount for the above forecast, e.g., Sales > Automated forecast

You can view this in the table view and in the graph view.

To compare this to the scheduled headcount, select that checkbox as well.

It's also possible to select multiple optimal staffing data to see different needs and outcomes

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