Version 0064

Updated by John Öbom


With the release of Neo 0064 we are introducing seven new reports that can now be generated and downloaded from Neo.

  • Employee hours report
  • Detailed schedule report
  • Payroll report
  • Absence percentage report
  • Monthly schedule report
  • Presence report
  • Shift staffing report

To generate one of the above reports, click the corresponding name in the menu on the left-hand side:

Click Create to open the dialogue allowing you to create a new report:

  • Select the data you wish to use for the report (fields marked with * are required fields).
  • Click Create.
  • The dialog will now close and the status of your report will display.
  • Once the status changes from "processing" to "download", you can click the blue text to download your report.

To generate the reports "read" access is required for the permissions listed (per report) below:

Employee hours report - Scheduling, Absence and Punches

Detailed schedule report - Scheduling, Absence and Punches

Payroll report - Scheduling, Absence and Punches

Absence percentage report - Scheduling and Absence

Monthly schedule report - Scheduling and Absence

Presence report - Scheduling and Punches

Shift staffing report - Scheduling

Schedule & Time

Base schedule

Sorting in Base schedule view

It’s now possible to sort base schedules on 1) default sorting (start time of the shift), 2) Employee A-Z 3) Employee Z-A.


Various bugs related to Employee KPIs and Statistics have been solved in this release.


“All employees” displayed in Schedule

All employees (previously a display option) are now displayed by default when entering the schedule view. Just as before, if you leave the schedule view with a filter applied that filter will still be applied next time you enter the view. In a future release, we will also add the ability to filter on employees' home unit.

Rounding Time tracker decimals

By popular request, all Time Trackers are now rounded to 2 decimals.

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