Schedule Statistics

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Schedule Statistics shows data from the schedule, forecasts and optimal headcounts.

Viewing Schedule Statistics

You can turn on/off the statistics panel by clicking on the Statistics icon under the Schedule tab.

This will show/ hide the statistics bar at the bottom of the page.

By default, you will see a summary view, as displayed above.

The icons on the far right will allow you to change to a table:

A graph:

Edit the variables shown in the selected Display Group:

And refresh the statistics panel.

You will need to click on refresh after making changes to the schedule view.

There is a check to visualize only variables within groups where data exists on that variable. That means, if you don't see a newly added variable on a group, make sure to upload relevant data for that variable to make it visible.

Using Schedule Statistics

You can hover your mouse over the graph to show individual data points

You may see different resolutions. This is based on the settings you have used in your input data.

In the table view, you can also edit forecast data.

You can click on any time stamp in the future to bring up the edit forecast window as shown below:

Here you will be able to enter a new value or percentage to change the forecast. Once you click save, the newly updated forecast will display in the table as a bold number with an underline, ie 100

A non edited number, meaning the original forecasted value will display in non bold and with no underline, ie 100

Once you have edited a forecast value, the edited value will also display in the graph view as a dotted line as opposed to the original forecast value which is a solid line.

If you want to enter a percentage change in the edit window using decimals, use a period, not comma. For example, 50.25% not 50,25%.
Note: If you are sending section level data only, the data will be aggregated at the unit level. It will not be possible to apply edits at the unit level in this case. Edits must be performed at the section level.

Quinyx remembers statistics selections

Quinyx remembers many of your schedule selections on an account level, including statistics selections. The following items are remembered on an account level:


Possible options

Whether or not statistics are displayed

Display or don’t display

Statistics view mode




Selected variables

Any variable selection in any display group (cost/hours/custom display groups)

Which display group (or “tab”) currently displayed in the schedule is currently not remembered by Quinyx on the account level, but thanks to your feedback on this topic, we're planning to make improvements!

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