Qmails FAQ

Updated 3 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

Q: How do I send Qmails in Neo?

A: Click on the envelope icon at the top right-had side of the page, and then click the plus sign to create a new Qmail.

You can also send a Qmail straight from Schedule.

Q: Is there a limitation on the number of characters I can use when sending a Qmail?

A: You can use 80 characters in the subject line of the email. The maximum size for the body text is 64 kilobytes, (approximately 65,535 characters, if you are only using single byte characters).

Q: Can I temporarily pause Qmail notifications while making changes to the schedule, like I can in Classic?

A: Yes, you can pause notifications. Read more here.

Q: Will there be a Communications module? The option to add News?

A: It will be possible to add news in Neo, yes. This is currently planned for Q2 2021. When it comes to the Documents submodule, this currently isn’t a priority due to very low usage in our current customer base.

Read more about Qmail.

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