Mobile - Problems with push notifications

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

If you have problems with push notifications, we recommend that you first make sure that you are receiving Qmails since the Qmail triggers a push notification. If you are not receiving Qmails, you need to contact your manager and make sure you have the correct settings to receive Qmails in your staff card under the People tab on

If you receive Qmails but no push notifications, you need to make sure that the following settings are allowed/activated:

  • Allow push notifications in the settings page inside the Quinyx Mobile app.
  • Allow push notifications in your phone's settings from the Quinyx app.
  • Make sure you don't have battery save mode activated.

Allow push notifications in phone settings with iPhone: Settings > Quinyx > Notifications > Allow Notifications.

Allow push notifications in phone settings with most Android phones: Settings > Apps & Notifications > Quinyx > Notifications > Show notifications.

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