Setup for Qpayslip

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Feature information

It is possible to tag Qmails (wsdlSendQmail) that include a PDF-payslip document with a specific name and to make it possible to show and gather all payslips for a specific employee on a new page inside MyPage called Qpayslip. The last received Qpayslip is always on the top of the page.

Parameters that you should set up in Request

Unit apiKey from unit card

<apiKey xsi:type="xsd:string">{apiKey}</apiKey>

Send to employee ID



This is recommended to be the payday date to make it clear when the salary is paid.



<attachments xsi:type="flex:MailAttachments" soapenc:arrayType="flex:MailAttachment[]">
<item xsi:type="tns:MailAttachment">

<fileName> is the file name that is going to be displayed in Qpayslip. Pay attention to putting the correct extension to the file

<fileContent> represents the encrypted content of the file.


In the example below, the text Qpayslip 04 is the subject set by the creator of the payslip, and the text below 29 Jan 2021 is the date when the payslip was sent to the user; this is always displayed.

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