Version 340

Quinyx WFM v340 has now been released. Version 340 contains a number of new features and bug fixes.

API / Web Service updates

  • Special characters

Special characters are now supported in Web Service calls. No change to the individual calls have been made.

Webpunch 2  (WP2) will be discontinued with the next release of Quinyx WFM that is planned for release on 2018-07-02. If you have any questions about this please contact Quinyx customer support.

API / Web Service updates

  • wsdlGetScheduleTasks
    • Possibility to specify multiple schedule IDs in the same request

Bug fixes

  • Scrive signed documents are now deleted from Scrive when an employee or an agreement is deleted in Quinyx
  • Fix to Customers & Order module where a white ball was shown incorrectly in the signing view
  • Quinyx Web calendar (Release Notes here) now supports time zones correctly
  • Access right now working correctly for cost center in Fixed schedules dialogue
  • Possibility to add decimals to monthly salary

Neo Schedule (beta)

New functions

  • We have done some work on the Statistic service, and as a consequence the chosen variables in the Statistics have been reset. To be able to see the variables again, go to Display > Statistics, click on the pen in the Statistics and choose the variables you want to see.

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