Quinyx WFM Mobile 2.32

Updated by Johannes Nordman

See estimated cost for employees booking unassigned shifts

It is now possible for managers in the app to see the estimated cost for employees that have requested to book a unassigned shift. There is a access right that needs to be activated under "Manager" in the managers access rights tab, when the access right is activated it is possible to see the estimated salary for a specific shift booking request in the manager tab in the app.

Distribute shift booking requests on all unassigned shifts during a day

Every time a user applies for a unassigned shift that someone else already have applied for before the system needs to look for other unassigned shifts with the exact same

  • From and to time
  • Date
  • Shift type
  • Section
  • Unit

The system will set the employees shift booking request to the first available unassigned shift next in line instead of saving the request to the one already booked by someone else, if possible.

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