How to set up a Collaboration group hierarchy

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

When a basic setup is in place, with a generic Organization Hierarchy, you can get started with setting up a Collaboration group hierarchy.

To create a Collaboration group hierarchy, to complement this, you can create and configure it in Quinyx’s Account settings > Advanced settings > Frontline Portal settings > Collaboration groups. Here you can:

  1. Enable the use of Frontline Portal settings under Modules.
Please note that this first step is only available to Quinyx experts. To activate this module, contact your Quinyx representative or reach out to our Support team.
  1. Create + configure your collaboration group hierarchy by adding:
    1. Associate groups to the different groups (expanded on here);
    2. Associate employees as needed (expanded on here);
    3. Add Group type labels to each collaboration group (expanded on here);
    4. Add an optional Domo Embed ID (expanded on here);
Please note that while it is technically possible to create several collaboration group hierarchies (with multiple root/parent groups), the Frontline Portal does not currently differentiate between them. This means that if you have created 10 hierarchies with 10 root groups, FLP can't interpret which is the “single source of truth” between the different hierarchies, and which it should read from (in order for someone to share by Group Type). Because it can’t decide which to use, it’ll just use none, and it will appear to be broken.

This is a known limitation with the first version of Collaboration groups and until a solution is in place, it’s important that as our “intended ways of working”, you instruct users to create only one hierarchy with only one root/parent group, until we can (hopefully quickly) come out with a solution for this.

Below is a quick example of the full end-to-end flow for a first-time user for enabling, creating, and configuring their very first Collaboration groups under the Quinyx Account settings:

  1. In Quinyx, navigate to Account settings > Advanced settings > Frontline Portal settings where you can find the 2 settings related to Collaboration groups: Group type label management and Categories management.
  1. Start with Group type label management, where you can add new group type labels, and edit existing ones for use in your collaboration groups.
    1. Select Add new to create a group type label.
    2. Give the group type label a name and press Save when done. Repeat as many times as you like.

Navigate to Collaboration groups via Advanced settings > Frontline Portal settings to start building out your collaboration group hierarchy.

  1. Select Add new to create a new collaboration group.

  1. Enter the collaboration group name in the Group name field, a Group type label (which you have to create in the list of labels first), and click Add to create a new hierarchy.
  1. Once created, you can further configure the collaboration group by adding Associated groups, Associated employees, Domo Embed ID, or start building the hierarchy by adding Child collaboration groups.
    1. Add Associated groups (pulling units from the Organization hierarchy).
    2. Add Associated employees to a collaboration group.
    3. Add the optional Domo Embed ID.
  2. Start building your hierarchy by adding Child collaboration groups, which add a new "level" in the hierarchy to be nested below the collaboration group you are currently editing.
  3. Confirm, and just like that you have the start of your first Collaboration group hierarchy.

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