Norwegian self-certified sick leave (egenmelding) FAQ

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Norwegian self-certified sick leave (known as Egenmelding in Norway) means that you notify the employer that you cannot work due to illness or injury without submitting a sick note from a health professional.

Short info about self-certification/egenmelding
  • You can only use self-certification during the employer liability period, i.e., the first 16 calendar days of the sick leave.
  • If you are away for more than three calendar days, your employer may require a sick note.
  • If you have used self-certification prior to sick leave, these two absences will be included in the same-day count for sick days.
  • Self-certification/egenmelding is always just for a whole day, and should not be added as a part-time absence. (We can add it together with punches and other leaves, but that should not be done).

Q: How long can the self-certification last? 

A: Under the provisions of the National Insurance Act, self-certification can be used for up to three calendar days at a time and up to four times within one year.  This is a minimum scheme, and all businesses may use an expanded right to self-certification for up to the entire employer liability period.

Businesses that have previously had a cooperative agreement on a more inclusive working life (IA) were obliged to have an expanded self-certification scheme, with the right to use self-certification for up to eight calendar days at a time and up to 24 calendar days over a 12-month period. There was no limit to the number of times the right to self-certification can be used.

The IA agreement for the period 2019-2022 encourages businesses to continue the expanded self-certification scheme, and also encourages businesses that have not previously had expanded self-certification to consider this scheme.

Q: Can I lose the right to self-certification?

A: Your employer can decide that you are not allowed to use self-certification if:  

  • your employer has reasonable grounds to assume that your absence is not due to illness  

Your employer shall give you notice when they deprive you of the right to use self-certification so that you can make a statement. If you have lost your right to use self-certification, the employer shall reconsider its decision after six months.

In Quinyx, there is currently no way to account for these situations. E.g. its not possible to configure it in a way where the system blocks the employee who has lost their right to self-certification from applying.

Quinyx will open up for use again, as soon as the fourth occasion is outside the last 12 months.

Q: In Quinyx, is it possible to see how many days/occasions that I as an employee have left to take out?

A: No, not currently.

Q: How can I see when a new employer period starts? F.ex. what is the criterium?

A: Yes, there are a few things to be mindful of:

  • After all self-certification/egenmelding days in one employer period have been used, it has to pass 16 calendar days before you are able to use another egenmelding.
  • You have to have been back at least 1 day at your workplace.
  • If you punch in, that is sufficient for you to be able to use self-certification/egenmelding afterward.
  • If deviation reporting is used, then your manager needs to attest at least 1 punch before you are eligible for egenmelding.
  • Egenmelding can't happen directly after Sickness (Sykdom)

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