Managing REST API credentials

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To create or manage REST API credentials you need to have account manager access within your organisation.

Generate credentials
  1. Click Account settings.
  2. Under Access rights, click Integration credentials. If credentials exist they will be displayed here and you can edit names and descriptions of the existing ones. You can also view what scopes and permissions are set for each set of credentials.
  1. To create a new set of credentials click Generate credentials.



Write the name of this set of credentials. This can be edited at a later stage but it is a mandatory field.



Write a description for this set of credentials. This can be edited at a later stage but it is a mandatory field.

Scopes and Permissions

Choose the scopes and permissions that you want the credentials to have

Read - GET , Add - POST, Write - PUT, PATCH ,Delete - DELETE

  1. When you click Save you will be presented with the Secret. This should be stored and handled accordingly in regards of being very sensitive information. You will not be able to see this information again.
  1. Securely store the client secret in the location of your choice and only then click "Done". You will not be able to display your client secret again.
    You will only be able to view clientId and UUID of the credentials.
Edit credentials

You can only edit the name and description of the REST API credentials. If you need to edit the scopes and/or permission you need to create new ones and then delete the old ones.

Delete Credentials
You can delete credentials but make sure that they are not in use before you delete them

You can read more about REST API credentials here and you have links to the REST API documentation here

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