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When you open Schedule view, you'll see the bell icon for notifications on the upper left side:

Clicking the bell icon pushes the schedule to the right, and the notification panel opens on the left side. This allows you to handle notifications and view the schedule at the same time:

Click the left arrow icon or the bell icon to close the notification panel again.

In future releases, we'll make some more improvements inside the notification panel to make it even easier to work with. Stay tuned!

Notification categories

The panel is split into categories so you can easily take actions on the notifications:

Shift bookings

Displays shift bookings that require manager approval. If someone tries to book a shift currently owned by someone else, this will also display.

Shift swaps

Displays shift swaps that require manager approval.

Absence requests

Displays absence requests sent in by employees. If the absence that is requested only covers part of the day, Quinyx will displays the from and to time of the request in the notification panel.

Unassigned shifts

Displays all unassigned shifts.

Shift unassignment requests

Displays all shifts where employees have asked to be unassigned from a shift.

Shifts to approve

Displays shifts on away unit that require approval from the home unit manager.

Take action on notifications

To take action on a notification, simply click on it and decide what type of action you would like to take:

Read more about pausing notifications here.

User stories

As a manager opening the notifications panel:

  • I can easily see what type of different notifications I received.
  • I can easily see what each notification is about.
  • I can easily take action on each notification.
  • I am presented with smart information when taking actions on the notifications.

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