Mobile and Global Account settings

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Advanced settings allow you to better configure and optimize your Quinyx setup. Under Account Settings > Advanced Settings you can configure.

Mobile account settings

Mobile account settings

What it does

Skills in schedule

Configure whether, in the mobile application, a user can define if they want all available shifts to be visible to their employees, or if they only want available shifts to be visible to the user if they have the correct skills.

External site

This feature makes it possible to set up a link to an external website that will display in the mobile app’s Dashboard view like a banner.

To define an External link in the application, Show configuration for External site on mobile device should be enabled in Quinyx back office.

Global account settings

Global account settings

What it does

Oauth token settings

By default, in the mobile apps, a user will automatically be logged out if they are inactive for more than 30 days. With the Oauth token settings, you can configure the number of hours or days based on the needs of your organization.

Note that this doesn't apply if the user uses single sign-on (SSO).

Outgoing email sender

Allows the user to define the default outgoing email sender for communications, when applicable. In configuring it, a user can either select to use the default email ( or add a custom email.

Expired employee deletion

Automatically deletes employees after the configured number of days. The deletion is permanent, and cannot be undone. You can configure this setting in two ways:

  • Keep forever: The expired employees' data will be kept forever
  • Keep temporarily: Expired employees' data will get deleted after a specific amount of days

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