Frontline Portal - Stories dashboard

Updated 3 months ago by Daniel Sjögren

To see the Stories dashboard, click on Stories and you will see all of the stories. At a creator level, you will see all stories, and at a store/group level you will see all the stories shared with you.


If you click on Feed it will bring up the Collections window on the right-hand side of the screen.

As a creator the following options will be visible from the Collections menu:

Feed: This is all the stories in your dashboard.

Drafts: You can see your drafts as well as drafts of other creators so you can collaborate.

Scheduled: You can see a story that has been created and published with a date in the future.

Sent: You can see all stories that have been sent already.

Archived: You can see any stories that have been archived.


To filter on specific stories, click the filters icon.

You can filter on priority level, different tags, or publish dates when searching for a specific story.

Hint: To learn more about how to create a story, click here.

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