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Edit time punches

Access the "Edit punch" side panel by selecting the punch and clicking "More options" in the "Edit punch" dialog that appears. In the side panel, under the "Edit punch" heading, you can see any warnings associated with the punch. 

In the side panel, you can also view and edit the following details:

  • Date and time of punch/initial value of punch
  • Attest punch
  • Punch information
    • Cost center
    • Project
    • Agreement
  • Punch comment
  • Overtime/Additional time type
    • Paid
    • Saved as time in lieu
  • Select the "Delete punch" button to delete the punch entirely.
  • Select "OK" to save your changes or "Cancel" to close the window.

Belongs to

This section contains the shift that this punch is linked to. You can edit shift using the drop-down menu.

Date & Time

This section displays and allows you to edit the start and end times of the punch. The time displayed under the shift start and end times of the punch is the initial value of the punch:

  • Open: Tick this box to make this an open punch, meaning it ends whenever the employee decides to punch out.

Attest punch

This section contains the check boxes for employee and manager attesting of punches. Depending on your settings, the employee either has to attest himself/herself, or the manager can attest both for the employee and manager:

A blue punch box with a white tick in in the schedule view indicates that the shift has been attested by both employee and manager, while an empty box means there are attestations missing from at least one of the parties:

Punch information

  • Cost center: This menu allows you to set the cost center that the punch will debit. The default value here will be the cost center set in the employee agreement, but this can be changed for specific shifts using this drop-down menu.
  • Project: This menu allows you to set what project this punch should be linked to (optional).
  • Agreement: Here you can add which agreement should apply to this punch. This may affect, for instance, what salary, unsocial time compensation and similar are paid out for this specific punch:

Punch comment

Leaving a comment regarding the punch may be useful if, for instance, the cost center selected for the punch is different compared to the one usually used for this employee. In cases like these, the punch comment can help remind yourself and other administrators why this specific punch was set up the way it was.

Overtime / Additional time type

This section allows you to tick radio boxes to indicate whether any overtime or additional time in this shift should be paid or compensated as saved time off in lieu. Just like in other sections, the default value here is retrieved from the prevailing agreement. However, any selection you make here will override the prevailing agreement settings for overtime compensation. For instance, if the agreement used for Gregory Payne specifies overtime and additional time should be paid, but you specify in this section that it should be compensated through saved time off in lieu, the latter will apply, but only for this punch specifically.

Add a punch to a shift

You can add punches in Quinyx by selecting + > Punch in the Schedule view.

Start by selecting employee and date, after that you can connect the punch to a shift.

You can also create an Open punch, for instance, if an employee has forgotten to punch in and has an ongoing shift, you can add the punch during the ongoing shift so that the employee can punch out when the shift ends.

Add a punch to a task

You can connect punches to tasks.

How to:

  1. In Schedule view, click + > Punch:
  1. In the Add punch panel, click the employee for whom you want to add a punch.
  2. Select the tasks from the drop-down, just as you would select a shift.
  3. Chose the date and time.
  1. Set any other parameters you want associated with the punch, like requiring employee and/or manager attest, cost center, project, etc.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Now the punch on the task will be visible in Schedule view:
Note that you can add punches to individual tasks in that shift:

Split punches on tasks

Prerequisite: This feature only works if a specific combination on the agreement is enabled.
  • Time > "Punching in and out no breaks".
  • Time > "Allow punching on tasks".
  • Mobile punch flow > "Split punch on tasks".

If an employee is scheduled to work, but for some reason cannot punch in and out of tasks during the day, the manager can do this in Neo:

  • Click on punch missing below the shift:
  • Punches will be added based on the scheduled time on the shift and tasks. For instance:
    • 10:00-11:00 - Punch on mother shift.
    • 11:00-14:00 - Punch on task 1.
    • 15:00-17:00 - Punch on task 2.
    • 17:00-19:00 - Punch on mother shift.

Split punch on tasks with Webpunch

The following functionality can be used when an employee is set up to punch in and out of shifts using Webpunch/mobile and has scheduled tasks. This functionality was initially implemented to reduce the additional manual steps to create individual punches for each punch belonging to a task.

The above mentioned functionality can be turned on using two settings:

  • Agreement template > Time> "punching in and out no breaks"
  • Agreement template > Mobile punch flow > "Split punch on tasks"
Watch a short video tutorial about punches and attest here!

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