Notice of Interest End of Life FAQ

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

It's time to say goodbye to the Notice of Interest functionality.

As we have previously informed, we are removing all notice of interest functionality in the web app and mobile app and urge all customers and users to switch to using the Availability functionality. To help your transition go smoother, we have gathered some of the more frequently asked questions on the topic:

Q: Why would I want to switch from Notice of Interest to Availability?

A: Availability is a more user-friendly feature that caters to a broader range of use cases compared to Notice of Interest. Some noteworthy capabilities of the Availability functionality include the ability to convert an availability item into a shift in the Schedule view of the Quinyx web app.

Q: Can I manage the availabilities of my employees?

A: Yes, as a manager, you can add, edit, or delete availability items on behalf of your employees.

Q: What will happen to any existing or future Notices of Interests that I have created?

A: Any existing NOIs will be deleted once the functionality is removed.

Q: What will happen to the Notice of Interests shown in the Dashboard view or Notification panel in the web app? Will it be replaced with Availability?

A: Once we remove the functionality from the mobile and web platform, the NOI widget shown in the Dashboard will be removed along with NOIs displayed in the Notification panel. Currently there are no plans to replace it with Availability, but feel free to give us feedback on this topic.

Q: How do I start using Availability?

A: Using Availability is easy and offers more ways to configure the functionality than Notices of Interest. For more info on how to set up Availability, read here.

For the mobile apps, the permission for availability is turned off by default and needs to be turned on under Mobile and staff portal permissions in You can find information about the availability functionality in mobile here

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