Q1 2023 Frontline Portal release recap

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

As you may have noticed, on April 19th, 2023, the app formerly known as Concrete was consolidated under the Quinyx brand and is now called Frontline Portal.

Here’s a list of all the changes we have made to the app and services:

  • Concrete is Quinyx Frontline Portal, both on the web and in the mobile app. 
  • You will see some minor brand changes in, for example, the tab icon and mobile app name. 
  • The mobile app icon, however, will stay the same. 
  • You can find helpful resources in HelpDocs instead of Zendesk.
  • Any type of email communication will be sent from Quinyx.

What hasn’t changed: 

  • The login URL will remain [brand].retailcloud.net
  • The redirecting login URL will remain [brand].concretelogin.com

Now, on with the Q1 2023 Frontline Portal releases.

Q1 2023 Frontline Portal release summary

Version 1.80

Recently saved lists
  • As of this release, users wanting to distribute content can now select a saved audience from a list of the three they’ve most recently used. Selecting a recently saved list will take the user to the audience picker, which is prepopulated with recipients. 

Version 1.83

Notification for new file upload to folder removed
  • You gave us feedback that the notifications you received when new files were uploaded to folders were too noisy and made the wider notifications feature difficult to use. So, we removed those notifications completely. Folder owners/recipients will no longer receive a notification when a file is uploaded.
Compliance Improvements - Scale
  • We made some significant changes in order to better support distribution to large audiences. As of this release, distributions of up to 5,000 can now be handled without issue. The most significant changes to support this are:
    • Compliance created asynchronously for Tasks, the state will appear as "pending" while being processed, and breakdown won't be available until the creation is complete.
    • Progress for distributed resources is no longer computed at the time of read but is instead updated at the time of write.
    • Completions will be lazy-loaded (in batches) when opening a distributed resource page, and the breakdown will show a loading state until all completions have been successfully loaded.
Further UI Enhancements
  • In this release, we upgraded the old menu a new drop-down/menu across the platform.
  • We've also replaced the old sidebar with a new dialogue box component where appropriate. Take a look at the new Cancel Task dialogue box as an example.

Version 1.84

Sort By applied to Search for all Facets
  • As of this release, you can now sort the results of any search you perform across the platform:
    • Alphabetically (A-Z/Z-A)
    • By date created (newest first/oldest first)
    • By relevance
    • In reverse order (applicable to all sort options except relevance)
    • Reset sort will revert your search results to the default Date Created (newest first).

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