Agreement templates - Meal break premiums

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Quinyx has the functionality to support meal breaks. The meal break functionality mainly exists to accommodate the labor laws in the US. However, you can, of course, use it even if you're not located in the US. In a very condensed sense, these labor laws guard employees’ work hours, which take rest and meal breaks into account to effectively support employees with a fair work-life balance.

Navigate to Account settings > Agreements > Agreement templates > Meal break premiums.

Meal break rules

  • Punch rules: Here you can define the punch rule that you want to be active on this agreement.
  • Compensation rules: Define the compensation rules that you want to be active for this agreement.
    Having more than 1 meal break compensation rule in an agreement template is possible. However, they will all have the salary type and amount.

Meal break compensation

  • Salary type: Here you can define the salary type you want to be active for the premium payment. You can create salary types under Account settings > Agreements > Salary types.
  • Quantity: You can indicate quantity if you've defined the salary type.
Read more about meal breaks and compliance here and premium payments for meal breaks here.

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