Frontline Portal user rights

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Configuring access rights in Frontline Portal is an important process that ensures users have appropriate permissions to access specific features or information. By fine-tuning access privileges, you can enhance security and optimize user experience, fostering a seamless and controlled environment within Frontline Portal.

Gatekeeper / full rights

These users can perform the following actions according to their group’s position in the organizational hierarchy (in other words, they can share content with users and groups below them):

  • Create and send tasks
  • View, edit, send draft tasks created by other users in their group
    • This includes approving tasks submitted by Submitter users
  • Upload files
  • Create and share folders
  • Create and send stories
  • Create and publish events
  • Create and publish forms


These users can:

  • Create tasks but not send them out.
  • Tasks created must be approved for sending by users with the gatekeeper / full rights permission

These users can't:

  • Upload files or create folders


These users cannot:

  • Create new content. These users do not have access to the + button.
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