View, add, and delete Time Trackers

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Time Trackers is a unique Quinyx term. It’s a feature for keeping track of hours and minutes or days. For example, you can use Time Trackers to track vacation balances, time off in lieu or flextime. Employees can use Time Trackers to monitor their balances in both the Time card and the app.

To view, edit, or delete Time Trackers, navigate to Account settings > Agreements > Time Trackers.

View Time Trackers

You can view the list of Time Trackers configured for your account.

When you navigate to the Time Tracker page, you'll see a list of all Time Trackers. You can sort on name, reference, and last modified:

Add Time Tracker

To see the list of existing Time Trackers, navigate to Account settings > Time Trackers:

Click the add button at the top right, and a side panel will open:

Configure the fields as per how the Time Tracker should work for your organization. Most fields will have a short explanation text next to them to guide you through the configuration.

Click Save, and the Time Tracker will appear in the list of Time Trackers.

Delete Time Tracker

Navigate to Account settings > Time Trackers to see the list of existing Time Trackers:

Click on the trash can icon next to the Time Tracker you want to delete. A confirmation dialogue will appear asking you to confirm the delete operation:

Click Ok if you want to proceed with the deletion.

If the Time Tracker is currently in use, you will receive an error message notifying you that it's not possible to delete the Time Tracker:

In order to add, edit, and delete Time Trackers, you need write access on account settings. If you only have read access, you will still be able to click the edit icon and see all settings, but you will not be able to edit anything.
Read more about using Time Trackers here.

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