Employee email is not unique

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

As of Version 186, we removed the requirement that emails must be unique across customers. This means that several user accounts can have the same email address. Within a customer, Quinyx still enforces uniqueness.

  • All different login options/providers support this, which means that customers using SSO via configuration in their Identity provider can give access to multiple customer accounts in Quinyx.
  • Users with only one account connected to the email will not notice any changes.
  • If a user logs in with an email connected to more than one user account, a verification message will be presented, and an email with a verification link will be sent to the user.
  • When the email address is verified, a list of the customer accounts will be displayed. The user can only select one customer account at a time. 

As you see in the example below, we can add john.doe@happy.com to two different customer tenants. You can also see that it's not possible to use the same email address more than once in the same tenant.

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