Version 0038

New functionality in this release

Attest absences

You will now be able to attest absences in Neo and easily see which absences have been attested. Go to Schedule in the top menu and select Absences in the Display drop down next to the schedule.

  • Attest per day, per employee or per period. Note that if you attest one absence (day) in Neo, the entire absence will be attested.
  • Filter in the Schedule view and attest. Note that only visible punches and absences will be attested then. 
  • Attest absences and punches at the same time by selecting Absences and Punches in the Display drop down.

If the absence is automatically attested (setting in Classic -> Agreement), or attested when approving the leave application, it will be automatically attested in Neo as well.

Add punches

You can now add punches in Neo by selecting Add and Punch in the Schedule view.

Start by selecting employee and date, after that you can connect the punch to a shift.

You can also create an Open punch, i.e. if an employee has forgot to punch in and has an ongoing shift, you can add the punch during the ongoing shift so that the employee can punch out when his/her shift ends.

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