Calculated variables

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Calculated Variables

Visibility & Setup

Any role with access to account settings can add new calculated variable using input data, standard variables, active forecast variables, actual or budget data.

The variable can be set up with up to four operations and calculated using multiply by, divided by, percent of, minus and plus equations.

When any new calculated variable is added, then visibility will be set to YES for both schedule and dashboard by default. You can change this at any time, however, any calculated variable that includes cost data (actual staff cost, expected staff cost) will currently be hidden from the dashboard.

You can edit an existing calculated variable at any time without changing any of the underlying data.

Adding a calculated variable

Calculated variables are configured from Account settings > Statistics > Variable Settings > Add > Calculated Variable.

Good to know: calculations are only performed when data is available in the selected inputs. Zeros will not be taken into effect.

When adding a calculated variable, you are presented with the following options:


The name of your calculated variable and how it will be presented in different views


The description of your calculated variable that will be visible in the system as a reference to the calculated variable.


This is where you define the calculation of your variable.

Primary input

The Primary input is the first variable you want to use for your calculation. You can choose from the standard variables and also from Forecast variables and configurations if you have Neo Forecast activated for your organisation. This will be the input data before the operator.

Custom Input

Allows you to add a specific figure to the custom variable equation in place of a second variable. Note that no calculation will be performed if the data on the primary input is 0. NOTE: these calculations will be performed at the resolution that your input data is set to; 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min.


The operator decides what should happen with the data you choose to create a calculated variable with. You can click the + to add up to four operations in one calculated variable.

The available operators are:

  • Divided by
  • Percent of
  • Minus
  • Plus
  • Multiplied by


To define where the calculated variable is visible and what display groups the variable should be a part of.

Show in statistics (schedule)

Define whether this should be visible in Statistics in the schedule view.

Show in dashboard

Define whether this should be visible in the dashboard view.

Note: Currently variables with salary cost calculations will not be shown in the dashboard.

Example of a calculated variable

Predicted sales per scheduled person hour is a commonly used KPI within many verticals.

To create such a variable, you must have Neo Forecast activated and configured in order to have a predicted sales value. Quinyx can auto-generate this prediction using AI - with your organization providing the actual sales. Read more about Algorithms and predictions here.

To add that variable, in the Add new variable dialogue select:

  • Primary Input: Predicted sales.
  • Operator: Divided by.
  • Secondary input: Scheduled hours.

In this example, we want them to be visible in schedule statistics, forecast overview and dashboard:

Example of a multiple operator calculated variable

We will use this wild example to show how multiple operations are calculated.

The calculation will be performed where the totals of each operation will be used in the following operation, using the screenshot example below, the calculation would be performed like this:

Optimal Hours + Scheduled Hours = x

x + Worked Hours = y

y + Custom input = z

z / custom input = output displayed in the GUI

View calculated variables in schedule - Statistics

You can select a calculated variable to be viewed in statistics. Visibility settings are done on an organizational level, meaning that all variables might not be used or configured to be viewed by your organisation.

Read more about Statistics.

View calculated variables in the Dashboard

A calculated variable will have a separate graph in the Neo dashboard. It will still have the options for selecting current day, current week, and current month - the same way the existing widgets are in the dashboard today

View calculated variables in the Forecast Overview

The calculated variable must be added to a display group in order to show in the forecast overview page.

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