Unsocial time periods

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Unsocial time is an enhanced (or supplemented) rate of pay used to reward and correctly compensate staff for working odd or undesirable hours. This could for example be night shifts, weekends, or bank holidays.

Using unsocial time, you can define the windows during which these additional payouts should apply, and you can configure the different levels of extra payout that should be automatically attributed to an employee working during one of these predefined windows.

Unsocial periods are defined on day level and are standard for the account. If there are agreements where different unsocial periods apply, it's defined in that particular agreement. Unsocial time is used to set periods which, on a organization level, should automatically attribute additional payouts to an employee who logs a shift during this window.

To add unsocial time periods, navigate to Account settings > Agreements > Unsocial time periods.

Type of unsocial time: Select unsocial time 1-4.

The unsocial time type selected will decide what unsocial time salary type will be generated. So, if you choose unsocial time 2, the respective unsocial time 2 salary type will be generated for eligible employees.
Click here to read more about the different UT salary types and the conditions for being generated.

Day: You can select up to seven days.

From/To: The time span over which the unsocial time exists.

Read more about using unsocial time on agreement templates here and Working with standard unsocial time periods here.

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