Webpunch login URLs

Updated 6 months ago by Daniel Sjögren

You can manage Webpunch login URL configurations in Quinyx.

Add, edit, and delete Webpunch login configurations

In Account settings > Webpunch > Webpunch login URLs, you can fully manage and configure unique Webpunch URLs for each of your available units:

If you have a large number of Webpunch login configurations, Quinyx will paginate the list.

Click here to read about setting up Webpunch and how to use the login URLs.

Using an external IP address when adding, or editing a Webpunch login URL

When adding and/or editing a Webpunch login URL, always make sure that the IP address listed is your external address and not your internal one. Below are some examples of internal IP addresses: - - -

If any of your addresses look like the examples above, please visit this website or any other website that allows you to see your current external IP address.

Please note that you always have to have a Manager set on the unit card to get the Webpunch login URL to work. Read about working with units and how to add a manager for a unit here.

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