Defect management FAQ

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Q: What does MTTR stand for?

A: MTTR, which stands for mean time to resolution, includes every step of the recovery process, from initial notice to root cause analysis to fix and deployment. It's a performance metric that measures the average time required to repair or resolve a defect.

Q: How does the Quinyx Support team manage defects?

A: Take a look at the overview below:

Severity 1: ASAP

  • The system is completely down, the confidentiality of privacy data is compromised, or usable payroll data cannot be extracted for any customer.

Severity 2: ~5 working days

  • Payroll data or cost calculation or reports specific to payroll is incorrect for more than 100 employees for one customer.

Severity 3: ~4 weeks

  • Incorrect program output (which is not cost or salary) with no workaround.

Severity 4: ~12 weeks

  • An important function is broken, but there is a workaround.
Read the specifics here.

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