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When you are happy with your base schedule, it's time to roll it out, i.e. activate it. The shifts will appear in the Schedule view after roll out.

To roll out, go to "Base Schedule" and click the "Roll out" in the top right-hand corner. This will bring out a side panel. In this side panel, you're able to select a from and to date to which the Base schedule should be applied. The two following options exist:

  • To continue the rotation from the previous rollout
  • To set the start week of your choice

Continue rotation from previous rollout

This option is only available for base schedules that have already been rolled out at least once in the past. The benefit of this option is that it greatly facilitates ensuring that your employees get the number of weekends off they're entitled to.

The base schedule in our above screenshot is based on a 4-week template period. As you can see above, the dates of the previous roll out feature at the top of the side bar, as do the base schedule week and day of the beginning (week 2, Monday) and end (week 2, Sunday) of that roll out. Further down, the option to Continue rotation from previous roll out is pre-selected and the base schedule week and day of the beginning of your new roll out appear under it (week 2, Monday). As you can see from the below table, our new roll out continues on the previous rollout's rotation:

Calendar Date and Day

Base Schedule Day and Week in Previous Roll Out's Rotation

Sunday July 7

week 2, Sunday

Monday July 8

week 3, Monday

Monday July 15

week 4, Monday

Monday July 22

week 1, Monday

Monday July 29

week 2, Monday

Reversed order of roll outs

Neo also offers the possibility to continue on the rotation of the previous roll out when the start date of that previous roll out is after the end date of the new roll out. With the selection shown in the below screenshot, you would still ensure your employees get the number of free weekends they're entitled to at the September/October turn of the month:

Base schedule copies

If you create a copy of a base schedule and you want to continue on the rotation of the original base schedule, just simulate a roll out for your original base schedule to identify what base schedule week and day you should use for your copy using the Continue rotation from previous roll out feature. You may then return to your copy and use the Set start week feature to "manually" continue on the original base schedule's rotation. See below for more details on the Set start week functionality.

Set Start Week

This option consists in selecting which base schedule week should be used as start week when rolling out a base schedule. In the below screenshot, we're choosing to roll out the base schedule from 2020-02-01 until 2020-02-29 with week 2 as start week.

In the above screenshot, the weekday appearing on all four rows of the dropdown menu is Saturday. The weekday appearing in this dropdown will always be that of the start date of the selected rollout period, in this case Saturday since 2020-02-01 happens to be a Saturday. This is to preserve the template functionality of your base schedule.

The below is a screenshot of the rolled out schedule in Schedule; the first week of the rollout period has been populated with the shifts from base schedule week 2 shown above. Please note there were no shifts on Saturday, nor on Sunday, in week 2 of our sample base schedule, which is why the first shifts you can see below when reading from left to right are those of base schedule week 3.

This feature is convenient for instance when you have one or multiple new hires on a separate base schedule - to have your new hires' schedule sync with your previously published schedule for existing staff, you might want to use week 2, 3 or 4 as start week rather than week 1.

Rolling out over absences

If you roll out a base schedule over an absence, those shifts will automatically be deleted and added as underlying shift to the absence.

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