Delete a user

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

You can delete a user from the system, however, be aware that all related schedule and punching history connected to the user will also be deleted.

Deleting a user might be useful if they have been added by mistake, or for test purposes, and the user will not be scheduled in Quinyx at all. To enable the delete button, deselect the Employed checkbox under the Status section of the employee card.

When you have deleted a user, any data related to that employee is deleted immediately. If a user is set to be deleted X days after end of employment, the user will be removed automatically after the employment ends, and any related data will be automatically deleted as well (usually during low peak hours at night).
Note that it's currently not possible to track who deleted a user. However, in the future, this is something we might revisit.

Permissions required

In order to delete a user, you need to have the following permissions enabled for your role:

  • People - read access
  • People Details - write access
  • People Agreements - write access
  • People Details -> Attachments - write access
Permissions for a given role can be updated in Account settings > Role management.

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