Working with standard unsocial time periods

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Using standard unsocial time (UT) periods in Quinyx is optional, and you can use UT periods on an agreement level instead.

What is standard unsocial time and how is it used?

Unsocial Time (UT) is an enhanced (or supplemented) rate of pay used to reward and correctly compensate staff for working odd or undesirable hours. This could for example be night shifts, weekends, or bank holidays.

Using unsocial time you can define the windows during which these additional payouts should apply, and can configure the different levels of extra payout that should be automatically attributed to an employee working during one of these predefined windows.

Unsocial periods are defined on the day level and are standard for the account. If there are agreements where different unsocial periods apply, it's defined in that particular agreement. Unsocial time is used to set periods which, on an organization level, should automatically attribute additional payouts to an employee who logs a shift during this window.

For example, in the standard unsocial time configuration, you set Unsocial time 3 for every Sunday, from 00:00 - 24:00. This means that if any employee logs a shift in that window, it will automatically inherit the additional Unsocial time 3 payout as defined in this configuration.

A manager can configure multiple variations of overtime and unsocial time configurations, to account for different payout or compensation packages. For example, they can configure Unsocial time 1 to pay out 50% extra during a defined period while Unsocial time 2 pays out an extra 75%.

This applies only to cycling hours Monday - Sunday and for bank holidays or special events.

To add Unsocial time go to Account > Agreements > Unsocial time periods > Add period.

Please note that unsocial time supports 8 periods.
Click here to read more about how to use unsocial time by adding it to an agreement template.

Use cases

As an account manager with write access on account settings in Quinyx:

  • I can view all UT periods defined for the account.
  • I can edit all settings on the existing UT periods.
  • I can add new UT periods.
  • I can delete existing UT periods.

As an account manager with read access on account settings in Quinyx:

  • I can view all UT periods and settings defined for the account.
  • I can't add, edit, or delete new UT periods.

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